The SketchUp Challenge (2014 SGD Work)

SketchUp, for better or worse, is a modeling package with roots in architecture. Here’s some work I created with it. I’ll reserve my opinions on it, and it’s lack of organic modeling support. Or the lack of a real rendering engine… or it’s poor support for actually dealing with vertices.

Once I learned my way around the software, it didn’t turn out to be so bad, although it still stinks at stuff that other software shines at.

Check out the images below. One of the last assignments was to re-create the first level of DOOM, and render an animated walkthrough. You can see that here:

Assembled Closer

Flute - Top view SeanAitken_House SeanAitken_House_Rear Aitken_Fortress Etch-A-Sketch Gutted Potty

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